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Pioneer DDJ-WeGO2-W


Compact DJ Controller

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Compact DJ Controller for Virtual DJ LE and more
- Compact and affordable DJ Controller
- Plug & Play w/ bundled Virtual DJ LE Software and Algoriddim's djay LE for Mac (free download)
- Pulse Control Provides Visual Prompts of Illuminations
- Multi-colored LEDs for customization of lights to match the user's style

The DDJ-WeGO2 is an ultra-compact DJ Controller that that makes it easy for consumers to learn the DJing essentials by providing users with a simple means of creating cool and unique mixes with their own music collection . Much like its predecessor, the DDJ-WeGO2 offers advanced but easy to use, functions and features that make the art of DJing fun and simple including Jog FX, Pulse Control, multi-color LED illumination, iPhone/iPad/iPod touch compatibility (cable included), Virtual DJ"! Limited Edition DJ software for PC/MAC and additional support for other DJ software such as Algoriddim Inc.'s djay."

The DDJ-WeGO2 will be available in white, black and red to complement the user's preference taste and color matched to the popular HDJ-500 DJ headphones. The controller also features multi-color LED backlighting for the Jog wheel, and a customizable (color) user interface for the included software.

The DDJ-WeGO2 is bundled with the Virtual DJ Limited Edition" software by Atomix Productions (Windows or Mac) that offers a broad range of functions for mixing songs, including making loops and creating samples, and mixing up to four channels for unlimited user creativity and mixes.

The DDJ-WeGO2 utilizes visual prompts and audio cues, built-in effects and features, and includes accessories to make DJ performances effortless:
- Jog FX - Allows users to combine multiple effects and control them simultaneously using the Jog wheel.
- Pulse Control - Provides users with visual prompts with a variety of colored lights on the Jog platters:
- Mix Pulse - Lights around the jog wheel show the beat of tracks in play.  The lights lose intensity as the beats go out of sync, giving novices a visual aid to beat matching.
- Launch Pulse - A red light travels from the Load button to the jog wheel when a track has loaded successfully so DJs know when a track is ready to play.
FX Pulse - The effect being applied to the currently playing song will not only be heard, but will also be represented visually via the light movements on the Jog wheel.
- USB Powered - The DDJ-WeGO2 utilizes power from USB connections found on most computers, eliminating the need for an external power supply.
- Other features
- Built-in audio ports for high quality sound input and output.
- Built-in sound card for expanded music storage and portability.
- Compact size - 14.9" x 8.2" x 2.5" (without stand).
- ColorWeighs 3.53 lbs (without stand) for easy transportation.

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