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Advance Acoustic MAA-402


Stereo Power Amplifier

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The MAA 402 Power Amplifier has been conceived and realized with a lot of care and forethought.

The use of an oversized toroidal transformer along with the associated "High Current" Bipolar power transistors allow the MAA 402 to provide an exceptional musical experience. This type of infrastructure gives the output a natural softness which faithfully renders music in its finest details. The use of low noise resistors and "sound friendly" capacitors provide a counterpoint and guarantees the highest fidelity to sound.

The MAA 402 Amplifier delivers a significant 75 watts of power per channel in Class AB** mode. The first 15 watts of power are Class A* mode and the switch from Class A mode to Class AB mode is accomplished automatically by the device.

* In Class A mode, the device imposes a constant current across the power transistors whatever the required power (up to 15 Watts in the case of the MAA402). This significantly improves the dynamic response of the amplifier.
**In Class AB mode, the device allows a variable current across the power transistors which is dependent on the power output required.

Power output 8 Ohms: 2x75 W
Frequency response (-3 DB ): 10 Hz - 70 kHz
S/N ratio: ± 115 dB
Channel separation: ± 95 dB
Input impedance: 20 kO
Input level: 1,2 V
AC input: 115 - 230 V
P.consumption max: < 300 W

Dimensions (H x W x D): 11cm x 34cm x 44cm
Weight: 8,5kg



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