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Laserworld Phoenix PRO SET

Phoenix Pro Laser Software

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Phoenix Pro is the most recent generation of professional laser / show controller software systems on the market. Developed by and for laser show professionals since 1995! Unlimited and interactive effects suitable for every situation. Besides a professional laser control, Phoenix Pro also offers a perfect implementation of lighting effects that can be activated by DMX and/or MIDI. In addition, video files of any resolution can be integrated in the timeline, exactly matched to a frame and can be displayed by a beamer in real time, synchronous to a laser show. In contradiction to many other controls, Phoenix Pro calculates the output of the signals in real time.

In this way the user sees the effect of his effect programming in real time and without a rendering time. A lot of functions, like the SMS-4-Laser, the scrolling text generator, LIVE-control via the MIDI keyboard, Joysticks, Touch screen etc. are only a few of the functions of Phoenix Pro. Personal logos and pictures can be drawn in 2D/3D in PHOENIX-PicEdit. A BMP-Converter helps you quickly converting a Bitmap into a laser picture.

The Phoenix Pro package is delivered with a Showplayer-System for fixed installations / exhibition stands that allows you to play pre-defined shows according to a time schedule. An arbitrary number of shows can be pre-programmed in a show calendar years in advance. The software already contains more than 170 beautiful shows, which are synchronous to the music and are ready for immediate use. An extensive manual help system is included in the delivery.

Package includes:

1 x PHOENIX-PRO-USB-Dongle - Output for max. 1 ILDA-Interface 1 x PHOENIX-LIVE-USB-Interface with ILDA-Connector (incl. DMX-in and out - which are connectable by the DMX-Adapter cable which is optional available)

Max. Scanner speed: 50k

12 Bit XY Scanning

3+1 8 Bit Colors+Intensity

DMX-in / DMX-out auf ILDA-Stecker


1 x 3D-Visualization Add-on 1 x DMX-Add-on

Computer requirements: Windows XP, Vista and 7 (32 and 64bit). Can run on notebooks.

PHOENIX-PRO/PROplus comes without PHOENIX-LIVE Option - which you can order separately!

For using DMX-IN/OUT you have to purchase the optional DMX-Adapter cable



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