PR XR 330 Spot

Spot 330W

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XR 330 Spot
Housed OSRAM 330W lamp(8000K), the XR 330 Spot has a linear zoom from 3.8° to 42°, which is more powerful than the XR 230 Spot. With high light output and uniformity, this compact but bright unit is a worthwhile investment for your tools.

Key Features:
OSRAM 330W lamp
Beam angle 3.8°~ 42°, linearly adjustable
CYM Color mixing+ 14 color filters+ white
17 fixed gobos + 9 rotating gobos
1 x 3-facet rotating prism
1 frost filter
Focus controlled by DMX, 0-100% linearly adjustable
0-100% linearly adjustable dimmer
5-100% linearly adjustable iris with Macro
Double shutter blades, 0.3~25 F.P.S
Short mode, 23; Standard mode, 28; Extended mode,35; Self-test mode
Pan 540º, Tilt 270º with auto position correction, speed adjustable, with lock mechanism
Weight: 22Kg
Modular construction for easy maintenance
DMX512 wireless receiver
DMX512 wireless transmitter (optional)

CYM colour mixing + Macro+1 color wheel with 14 colors plus white
With variable speed bi-directional rainbow effect
Step/linear colour changing is available