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Daslight DVC3 128


Light Program

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Artikkelnr: 939035


The DVC3 128 works with Daslight Virtual Controller 2 and 3 and the Virtual 3D software packages but is restricted to a maximum of 128 DMX output channels. This interface can be connected to a PC, or can control your lighting without a PC using the built in stand-alone memory.

A cheap and easy to use controller featuring :

- 128 DMX output channels in PC mode, 128 DMX output channels in stand-alone mode
- 1x 3pin XLR female socket (output)
- Plug and play USB 2.0 interface with power via the PC's USB socket or via a 5-12v USB mains adapter
- HE10 connector: Trigger scenes through dry contact ports (allows up to 8 trigger actions or 255 if combined in binary and previous/next ports)
- Compatible with any type of DMX 512 fixture
- Internal memory
- 2 buttons to scroll between scenes and 1 button to change the overall brightness of a playing scene
- 2 year guarantee

Software limitations :

- The number of scenes, steps and effects are restricted to 30
- MIDI note control only
- A maximum of 4 Scenes can be played simultaneously

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