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Daslight DVC3 GOLD


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Dvc3 Gold mini usb-dmx interface to controle scanners, moving heads, led par spots, lasers, etc.. The DVC3 is also compatible with the dvc2 software. With this model interface you have 20000 scènes, steps and effects available and has 512 to 1024 dmx-channels to choose from. For the extra 512 dmx channels you need to use a female-female dmx-cable and place the cable in the male input of the interface so it will be an output. Also the interface can be used in stand alone mode, the 9V adapter is not included.

 512 or 1024 DMX output channels in PC mode, 512 DMX output channels in stand-alone mode. To gain access to 1024 channels, the DMX input must be converted to an output socket using an XLR gender changer.
- 1x 3pin XLR male socket (input) and 1x 3pin XLR female socket (output)
- Plug and play USB 2.0 interface with power via the PC's USB socket or via a 5-12v USB mains adapter
- HE10 connector: Trigger scenes through dry contact ports (allows up to 8 trigger actions or 255 if combined in binary)
- Compatible with any type of DMX 512 fixture
- Internal memory (64k) for up to 20 000 steps (depending on the number of channels used)
- 2 buttons to scroll between scenes and 1 button to change the overall brightness of a playing scene
- Led display allowing you ton monitor the selected scene

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