Magic Sing Karaoke ET12K

Multiplex Karaoke Microphone 2009

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Magic Sing ET-12000 (ET12K) Multiplex Karaoke Microphone 2009 Edition. Let's Karaoke with a "Band in your Hand".

The newest addition in Enter Tech's wide range of magic microphones has finally arrived. Its new sleek and advanced design can undoubtedly draw significant attention to any individual to sing and enjoy. Great new features such as 2,070 (1596 + 474) English songs await the magic sing fanatics. Gather your favorite crowd and start turning your living room into a real concert hall like you've never done before.

What's New?
" Easily follow songs using the new Multiplex Function (Available only in a few songs. Will be compatible with future song chips with multiplex function).
" My Mic. Create and save song's settings up to 100 songs.
" Picture Background Themes
" Improved Sound Quality
" Name That Tune Game
" Musical Notes
" Jump Feature (Prelude/Interlude)
" Score Board Function
" Real Time Song Search by Title or Artist
" Silent Mode
" Lyric Bar
" Lyric Hide
" Guided Vocal Function
" Transmit & convert the recorded songs to your PC as wave files

" All-In-One digital karaoke with improved picture quality and clearer vocal sounds. " 2,070 (1596 + 474) English songs. No additional CD/DVD players required.
" Upgradeable with 4 song chip expansion slots.
" 17 melody instruments for background music.
" Built-in USB Interface
" Ability to change your voice/pitch to male or female.
" Battery charge status indicator.
" Team game and competition functions.
" Singing tutor function. Green color if you are too fast or too slow. Blue color if your pitch is too low. Red if your pitch is too high. Black if you are in perfect sync.
" Full karaoke functions including adjustable key/tempo/echo.
" 20 song reservation while in play.
" Built-in memory for 8 minutes recordings & playback.
" Built-in external video background input (VCD, DVD, Video Camera).
" Audio output mode (Amplifier or TV).

" ET-12000 Main Station
" One Main Microphone
" 2,070 English Songs
" Karaoke Handbook (Song Book & User Guide)
" External Video Input Cable
" RCA Audio/Video Cable
" USB Cable
" USB Install CD
" AC Power Adapter (8V)
" Carrying Case

" Sound Engine: CT500
" Dimensions: 43 (W) x 263 (H) x 43.7 (D) mm
" Weight: 560g (including cable)
" TV Channel: NTSC/PAL
" Image Color: True color / 720x480 (Interlace) / 720x576 (Interlace)
" Audio Output: Stereo Line Out (Full Scale Output : 2 Vrms
" Overflow (Under 10V): Built-in Protection Circuit for Reverse Voltage
" Operating temperature: 0C ~ 60C
" Power Supply: AC Adaptor (DC 9V / 550mA)

" Magic Sing Mabuhay Edition is another name for the latest Magic Sing ET-12000. " Wow Magic Sing is the popular name of Enter-Tech Magic Sing sold in the Philippines.
" The Magic Sing ET-12000 is the mid end Magic Sing model for 2009.
" Not compatible with the Korean 6 and Vietnamese 2 song chips.

 If you want the best wired karaoke microphone in the market, the ET-12000 is what you are looking for.